She’s never really been that interested in losing weight beyond the fact that it gained her some approval from Jae-yi, which I really like about her. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju" - That is what comes to my mind each time I am reading the sentence: "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju". They are supposed to be thinner than that, and most of them don't have any breasts to speak of, but the 2nd lead does not have a gymnast body - so many skinny Korean actresses would fit the role better in this respect. Will He Make Her Fall In Love All Over Again. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; 360p: Drakorfiles | Openload ... Download Ost Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo. Lol I love how we can see just how freeing it is for BJ to be able to squee about her crush out loud with Nan Hee. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 I thought in kdramas, people hiccup when they're nervous: close proximity with a crush, thinking something dirty, or just plain lying. His crush is of gargantuan proportions now and I love that he's falling in love with the real Bok-ju, not the Bok-ju that she herself thinks is likeable. I'm just a bit sad because I can see heartbreak in her future. He says that it’s demeaning to her, and asks if that’s why she keeps rejecting him. He and Sung-kyung make such an adorable pair. He suggests that Bok-ju pray to the toad to make her and Jae-yi end up as a couple. Then did he really eat all 30 of the wild abalone for BJ? But I thought for sure that I was being achingly obvious in my adoration of said crush. even if she escaped being rejected by him and actually dated him, there would be a certain imbalance to the relationship. My niece used to do Crossfit. Kim Bok Joo (Lee Sung Kyung) is a weightlifting phenom who has only focused on barbells her entire life while growing up with her father, Kim Chang Gul (Ahn Kil Kang), is a former weightlifter. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page Watch Online on Viu PH She acts like it’s no big deal, but Joon-hyung seems really touched by her gift, even though the toad is wrinkled and a little lopsided. Cute. Let's remember it also happened to Yoo Ah-in's character in Sungk...Scandal! And I love that they subverted the "I save you from splashing water" trope to show what a kid and/or brat Joon-hyung is. Bok-ju hollers that she can’t eat this much, but her dad is desperate to help her gain weight before the next competition in a few weeks. FB.init({ Episode 2. You definitely eat a lot while training - especially protein after working out - but then, a few weeks before a major competition you switch to high protein and very few carbs...eggs, nuts, salmon, beef and green veggies -no sugar - and the fat coating your muscles comes sliding off. She is supposed to be strong is all. Shi Ho went too far and now she lost the any chance to make me fel sorry for her!! It's like was Joon Hyung said when Bok Joo mentioned the weight increase: "You have to do what you have to do, you're an athlete. He suddenly yells and grabs Bok-ju to whirl her around as a car nears their corner. sigh. Rey, a has-been actor is once again in trouble involving illegal drugs. Bok-ju’s father and coaches are going to be incredibly upset with her for lying to them and for losing weight behind their backs, and I already hurt for Bok-ju, for the damage control she’s going to have to do. LOL.. And despite the negative criticism over Lee Sung Kyung's acting, I found that she really pulls it off. So it was disconcerting seeing the same expressions and gestures here. Just like Bokju should focus on being successful on what helps her graduate which is right now, getting to a higher weight class, before minding how good she looks. To think of all the meat I missed for a boy I no longer even talk to. I'm loving this show more and more. This honestly is one of the most adorable series I've watched. don't really care!! Her heart is further broken when her best friend, who she is secretly in love with, declares his intention to propose to her older sister. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Drama Korea Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo complated. People don't get offended, just my opinion. Her love He likes her just the way she is. He’d found a pile of blank postcards, and figured out that after the first three postcards, the handwriting had changed. Interview on DAP. We see Joon-hyung’s mother leaving him behind when she got married and moved to Canada when he was ten. Does he want her to follow her dreams? He is close, but no cigar yet. She gets the hiccups from all the excitement, and holding her breath to get rid of them doesn’t work. Joon-hyung feels much better by the time he and Bok-ju walk back to the dorms. Meaning anyone can go to a weight clinic as per their requirement. A2Z Drama will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for an update. Ha! This show is so good with these small details too. Those are not the actions of a good girl. Bullets would have bounced off her behind. Ling Wu Fei is a young man who lives in a subdivided flat that his uncle owns. I also feel sorry that Bok-ju doesn't have people to share her problems with. :). That said, I hated the scene where the female coach pressured Bok-ju into saying yes to a higher weight class. Next episode will see Joon hyung being the one to cheer up bok joo when shit hits the fan. This is a coming of age story, Bok-ju is maturing she could have easily done the childish and selfish thing and said no to her coaches and continue to focus on losing weight to get closer to her crush in a dishonest manner. i cant even ajsoqndjwodkaiwdh. Called in to investigate, Singaporean International Crimes Division (ICD) officer Serena Teo (Rebecca Lim) takes charge of a case across the border where a family has been slaughtered aboard a luxury yacht in Johor. This show has such a good balance of humor and tenderness that really just endears me to it sincerely. There’s such a bittersweet joy in sending your children off to become adults, and that’s exactly how I feel, seeing this show end. We need a ship name stat. She was still small but she was "thick" and rock hard. Bok-ju grumbles all the way to the weightlifting training room, and when she gets there, Coach Choi asks if she’s made up her mind. Can't wait for him to finally realize his feelings. Download Drama Korea Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. He asks Bok-ju how long she intends to keep lying about losing weight, then looks immediately sorry he mentioned it. She takes his face in her hands and Joon-hyung looks alarmed, then closes his eyes in anticipation of a kiss… and Bok-ju sneezes right in his face. I love this drama so much. Lol at your comment! I don't even normally remember supporting cast members from previous dramas. She is actually very wise and smart from the 3 of them. Hope they keep being so good. :D. "She’s going to be so surprised when she finds out that Joon-hyung has been pestering her because he likes her." She’s going to be so surprised when she finds out that Joon-hyung has been pestering her because he likes her. Puppy looks so skinny for a national level swimmer. Idk if it's just me...but I think I heard the male coach addressing Bok Joo's father as 'sunbaenim'. Yeah, she has to do her job and do what she needs to do. I never thought I'd say this but I love Weightlifting Fairy more than LOTBS! Download Drama Korea Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. At the same time, seeing their struggles as athletes (and young university students) has been awesome as well. That is the most sweetest thing i have come across a k-drama. - Cheerleading-Joo-hung style "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju !!! Magic-induced love can never be true. Love it when dramas subvert tropes like that HAHA. Bok-ju is such a lovable heroine, whilst you can't help but laugh good naturally at Joon-hyung's antics. She enters the restaurant to find both of her coaches sitting there with Dad, all three of them looking upset. That was totally one of my favorite scene. Or are we just not seeing classroom classes? Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo a romantic drama starring Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk shown at MBC on November 16, 2016. }; One day, Gong Ching and an aspiring Olympics karate athlete, Zong Wai, save a new immigrant, Siu Yuet from being bullied. I hope they don't keep her in the dark much longer. I wanted to knock the two coaches' heads together – Bok-ju's body language was very clear, but all they cared about was getting what they wanted. Yeah I know right?? They both holler into the night that they hate having to be ranked, though Bok-ju acknowledges that it’s part of being an athlete. I cheer every time for Bok-joo and her friends. As Joon-hyung watches, thoroughly amused, Bok-ju deep-bows to Jae-yi and heads downstairs into the subway station. Watch Online on Viu SG ... tempted ep 1 eng sub facebook. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Episode 6 The following Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 6 with English Sub has been released. Her aunt can cast a spell, and so does she. I was rolling on my bed laughing when he use Bok-Joo as a shield instead of being the shield himself. I keep on repeating the scenes between BJ & JH! I guess I'm reading wrong perceptions all throughout social media :). Nan-hee pretends to choke and when Seon-ok goes to get her some water, she stuffs the extra sausage in her own mouth while Bok-ju shoots her a grateful look. Fisya meets Alif (played by Miller Khan), the handsome but aloof new substitute teacher on campus. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju !!!!! HA. I don’t want to see Bok-ju’s heart broken by Jae-yi, but if it has to happen, I’m glad she’s got Joon-hyung there telling her that she’s just fine the way she is. When his father dies abruptly, Jo Don's culinary career in France is cut short as he has to inherit his father's business. The killer later reveals that he will bring five issues to light that cause chaos in both Malaysia and Singapore – people are unequal before law, human trafficking, laundering, violence against women and children, and child labour. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo SYNOPSIS Drama Korea Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo: Drama Korea Ini terinspirasi dari Kehidupan Jang Mi Ran, Korean athletic angiator, Korea Selatan, and more than the Olympic Games medal than the academic history of the athletic group, but not much more than menemukan cinta. The day before Joon-hyung’s swim meet, he’s still pretty sick, and his roommate Tae-kwon fusses over him like a mother hen. Bok-ju, Nan-hee, and Seon-ok, as well as Joon-hyung and Tae-kwon are all kinds of friendship goals right here. Agree. me and my sis were were laughing like crazy on that scene!!:D. Tracking down his more ‘unsavoury’ allies, Serena is shocked to encounter a familiar face: that of her grieving ex-partner, former Malaysian ICD officer Megat Jamil (Bront Palarae). My no-physcial-contact mode of flirting (pretty much meant I would say hello and barely could ask him how his day was going) went unnoticed, dang. I forgot to add my fav scene when Bokjoo disclosed she has to put on weight. She's being so supportive. Daftar Pemain Drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Looking forward to Wed & Thurs because of WF! I'm really liking the show. I am loving this and Nam Joo Hyuk is good in this kind of role. Shi-ho texts Tae-kwon to come outside, and hands over some ginger tea she made for Joon-hyung’s cough. You should be… window.fbAsyncInit = function() { It's a special bond you share with your bestfriends. 360p: Drakorfiles | Openload ... Download Ost Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo. Just like art colleges in the US do not usually offer traditional academic classes. Dad clearly thinks this young upstart isn’t good enough for his baby girl, though Dae-ho thinks he’s way out of Bok-ju’s league, and she’s the one who likes Joon-hyung more. Me too. Seeking answers, Heri finds a way to insert himself into the Malaysian investigation. Guys, didn't you know? I love that gained weight for the role, risking her modelling career. She re-emerges a few minutes later in her comfy sweats, and Joon-hyung follows her to the street corner. But the best part was when JH thought that she was going to pass the cold with a kiss, haha!! You don't have to be fat to be a weightlifter and those pictures show normal sized women. Joon-hyung says that his mother always sent presents and postcards at Christmas, so he never felt abandoned. It never works. Hwatting Kim Bok Joo!! Bok-ju says she’s sure he’ll be fine, but Jae-yi says that Joon-hyung is actually pretty tender-hearted, and that this competition is really important to him. She asks if Joon-hyung will be okay competing with a cold, but Joon-hyung says that she’s acting like a stalker. Maybe he's telling her to treat girls right cos he learned his lesson from Belle Epoque girls. Speaking of which, I was hoping that Shi-ho wouldn’t go down the dark path, but it looks like she’s heading that way. I have watched the first 4 episodes and also come here to read the recaps all I can say is that this show warms my heart so....... much but I have been buzy with school work lately and Ihave not been able to watch epi 5 and 6 but am glad that i come to read recaps here and also read all the awesome coments. :), I don't think being at a low point in her life excuses her actions. Cool as par your comment i think we will find out in the next episode what her dad's deal is with the weight gain or loss. Much to his chagrin, he finds himself falling for her – another cardinal sin. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 5, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 4, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 3, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 2, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 1, Friends, rivals, and training sessions in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju, Bright and cheery posters for youth sports drama Weightlifting Fairy. I understand eating a lot of protein etc. Watch Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo (2016) episode 10 drama episode online free English subbed kissasian. I was laughing and giggling like a lunatic. Immature? Reno missing her mom more and wish his family will be whole again. Why are you going to a weight loss clinic? friendships and first crush and crush-bullying and first love and puppies and rainbows and unicorns AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SHOWWW. I know, but I think that Shi Ho will soon realize her mistake and will try to make amendments. Jae-yi pulls over and gets Bok-ju a drink, which does stop the hiccups. And the character. Loving this drama! }); It makes her a more complex and compelling character with problems and challenges of her own, instead of just a story device to get between the leading couple to keep them apart. EP2. Joon-hyung’s cold hangs on tenaciously, and his friends worry about his swimming in the upcoming meet while he’s still sick. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access As Shi-ho walks back to school, she runs across Bok-ju and Joon-hyung on the other side of the street, bickering again. Ever the best friend, Nan-hee tells Bok-ju that she can see why, and the two girls squeal over Bok-ju’s crush on him. And when push comes to shove, caring for someone isn’t … Continue reading "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 12" I wouldn't know but does that confuse the body/take a toll on it at some point? Erika, Rey’s manager – best friend seeks help to Julia Tanjung; a well-known image consultant who instantly turns down Rey’s case. Childish, you say? I remember giving up meat for a week because he told me too...or dared me to? She has now sealed it for me with that pathetic and awful move of rummaging her roomates personal things and handing tha diet diary to her coaches. Jae-Yi is likeable too. And no major make over is done, which make me like it even more. She should make up her mind and stick to her guns like an adult. I was referring to her weight loss program. Shi Ho - I was really hoping she won't be an annoying second lead. Shi-ho calls Joon-hyung and watches as he ignores her call, and then she angrily tosses the ginger tea in the garbage. Like some I'm still hoping she'd be friends with Bok Joo. Boy totally thought he was getting kissed. I was ready to roll my eyes since... urrrgh... come on... it's so cliche... not to mention... cheesy. :D How adorable are these two, bickering non-stop but doing things for each other at the same time? Especially if their sunbae also happened to be the father of one of the team's best players. On her 24th birthday, ‘love never lost’ magical bubble tea is given to Modem as a gift. NO SPOILERS! Though she jokes that he’s good with words, the look on his face is dead serious. Episode 2. ahaha. She is not supposed to be fat at all. Container Filled With Illegal Migrants. I remember Bok Joo talking about how she started loving weightlifting after going to the gym with her dad. He grabs her sweater and dries her hair vigorously, enjoying the mess he makes of her head. I think in the drama she's in the 58kg class. Dad and Uncle Dae-ho glare at Joon-hyung suspiciously, and Dad recognizes him from the time he came before and paid off a nonexistent tab. Now i get angry every time I think of that. Watch Online on Viu PH She tells him to work on his creativity, hee, but he swears that if you pray hard enough, the toad will grant your wish. I swear I was about to be bored with the ' BJ you're in danger.' Streaming & Nonton Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo Subtitle Indonesia, Nonton Drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, Download Drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p HD, stream drama full episode sub indo hanya di Dramaindo. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Bok-ju’s father calls to tell her that he contacted an old friend and bought thirty special abalone just for her. Nan-hee helps Bok-ju get ready for her appointment that afternoon, doing her hair in adorable pigtails and finding her a cute outfit to wear. I like that, while the show touches on the fact that the female weightlifters aren’t considered “feminine” by outsiders, Bok-ju herself has never internalized that or felt she needed to change herself to fit into society’s standards. Jae-yi takes a call from his mom as he’s driving Bok-ju home from the concert. Nan-hee absorbs the situation and calls Bok-ju crazy, and Bok-ju agrees but says she just wants to see him. I think this is a breath of fresh air compared to the other one. Confused which one should bok joo choose if both of them really love her. // Load the SDK asynchronously Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju is SWAAAAAG!!! Episode 1. It’s been a nearly perfect journey from beginning to … Continue reading "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 16 (Final)" EP2. Still, it's fun to watch. maybe he was even on the same team as her coach or something like that.. you can see that they were extra concerned about his opinion... bokjoo is an adult, she could perfectly be responsible for the decision of changing or not her weight class (just liker her colleague did). I mean I'm all for you wanting him back, but you shouldn't be going back in life, but keep moving forward. This drama is so nice. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Episode 6 English Subtitles Hope you like the video If so, please subscribe to my channel as it is free. He tries to leave, but she grabs his arm and yanks him back to her with a big grin. kim bok joo (lee sung kyung) merupakan seseorang mahasiswa di hanwool college of pendidikan jasmani. I hope they will give us a peek into daddy dearest's story too. Joon-hyung asks if Bok-ju had a good time, and a giant smile breaks over her face. What was I expecting? The supporting cast is doing a good job. Please say yes, show! They offer to help her increase her weight as safely as possible, explaining that they think her current weight class is too competitive, while the one just above it has no real contenders. One of the best things about this show is the deliciously awkward secondhand embarrassment we feel for Bok-ju when Joon-hyung teases her, and there’s plenty of that to go around in this hour. JH eyes just lights up & he gets energized whenever he sees BJ. But seriously, that was probably the only moment this episode where I rewatched it several times. But when he hid behind her I literally died laughing. Joon hyung and Bok joo are also very adorable together. She looks great now and she's happy. This show is my new happy place. I love how Tae-kwon was the ever supportive housekeeper for Joon-hyung in this episode, aw. She apologizes for disappointing him, but he commiserates that the diet plan is hard, and warns her that it’s difficult to lose weight because people socialize around food so much. Joon-hyung threatening to kiss Bok-ju if she makes him catch a cold? He improved so much and he's reminding me of why I loved him so much in Surplus Princess (I swear his loveline with Kim Seul-gi was the cutest), His roommate practically acts like his wife haha he's cleaned his room for him before he came back, took care of him while he was sick I love this adorable bromance :) Love it when the side characters are likable too, This drama is a combination of all things I love and adore. Why, what she did was not childish? Actually what surprised me more is the gymnasts. Memory then brings Langit back to another moment that changes his next course of life. Seon-ok finds them, annoyed that they left without her, and accuses them of talking about her behind her back. He notices that she seems down, and she tells him that she has to move up a weight class. Lee Sung Kyung as Kim Bok Joo Soon after, Bok-ju is called home by her dad. But she shall never use it! She whines that gaining weight is hard, and he tells her that being a weightlifter means continually challenging herself. Anyway, good thing that LSK is a model so she's used to guys falling for her all the time, am sure. I've seen plenty of female weightlifters professional and otherwise that definitely don't look fat or big. She's not supposed to be fat, she's gotta be heavy with muscles. I get it, we typically think of weightlifters as big and buff and I think the athlete that inspired this drama is of a larger build but that doesn't mean it's unbelievable to think that they're not necessarily fat. I also laughed at how Nan Hee copied her looks on Bok Ju when she dolled her up. The moment Joon-hyung steps onto the starting block, the ringing in his ears begins and his vision blurs. Along the way, they become embroiled in a 20-year-old unsolved murder case that leads back to their shared past. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); After he hangs up, Nan-hee and Seon-ok offer their support as well, but Bok-ju moans that that’s not why she’s upset. And something else I really like about Tae-kwon is that he's willing to call Joon-hyung out when he was being too mean to Bok-ju previously. Posted by | … Bok-ju walks away, and Joon-hyung looks over at the very real toad sitting in the wishing fountain. thank you for the recap!! Watching Shi Ho 'go there' was hard. I thought Joon-hyung wanted to save Bok-ju from incoming car when he pulled her. A series of brutal murders, each sharing a signature MO, takes place across Malaysia and Indonesia. She tries to do everything that she wasn’t able to do because of weightlifting. Not attacking anyone. I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU! Why is this a thing???? var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Meanwhile, Bok Joo lives a double life. Shi-ho wakes in the infirmary, and Dr. Go tells her that she had a sudden stomach cramp. Our two leads are so freaking cute. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 5 by LollyPip. Connect with Facebook Title: 역도 요정 김복주 / Yeok Yojeong Kim Bok Ju Genre: Romance, sports, comedy Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: MBC Broadcast period: 2016-Nov-16 to 2017-Jan-05 Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 Original Soundtrack: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo OST. Later Joon-hyung sits at a convenience store, and he sees Jae-yi and Bok-ju drive up right in front of him. but damn... Shi Ho sure did show her claws fast. Those swooing and longing eyes towards her. I loved that he bought the concert tickets for her and then asked if she had fun; he lighted up when she confirmed she had a happy date. To her he probably is this great person who can do no wrong and when she realises just he is just as human as the next person that may burn some. Its just not believable to me. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo EP 6 Eng Sub - Joon Hyung’s therapist suggests some solutions in order to overcome his trauma, so Joon Hyung competes at a small match to test it. *Wipes drool discreetly off mah laptop...*. This episode was laugh out loud hilarious. I love how straight he is with her about her behavior, but not enough to sit through scene after scene of her with that pinched expression on her face. And Bok Ju making efforts to cheer him up after learning about his trauma, that was also too cute. or Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju !!!! I just can't get enough of Bok Ju and Joong Hyun spending time together. Even the promise of romance can sometimes feel awkward, especially when it’s not clear whether you’re friends, or dating, or something else entirely. When she's walking in the street, her thighs seem really thin. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. He thinks it was, though he admits that swimming is much more stressful for him these days. She’s going to need help, and support comes from the most unecpected direction you can imagine. At the Senate. I somehow really like her and want her to be friends with bok joo (that part where they were in their room with her stretching and bok joo doing sit-ups was too cute and sweet), I really hope they don't make her an 'evil second female lead' even more than what she's doing now, and provide a stronger backstory? Anyway. It has nothing to do with how attractive she feels — she only ever bought into Jae-yi’s program to have a reason to see him regularly. It shows when she’s put on weight at her next appointment with Jae-yi, so he bumps up her in-office treatments. When his son questioned Langit’s decision to get a divorce with his mother, it triggers all the memories. He complains loudly to himself, upset that he gave Bok-ju a chance to hang out with Jae-yi and she wore such a frumpy dress. Lots of friendship and comaderie between team mates and fellow athletes. yes she actually seems like a good girl, honestly! DRAMA! He’s starting to finally realize it, noticing things like her pretty face and having some fairly intense feeeelings when they get close to each other. If it weren't for the crush, she'd do what she'd have to do to excel in her sport. Then he followed that with closing his eyes when she held his face to sneeze and he said he will return the virus even if he has to kiss It combines the genres of drama and supernatural mystery to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. He tells her to come by the restaurant later to eat them, and not to bring her friends this time — they’re all for her. Use your crush sometime, lmao disqualified today, which does stop the hiccups all. Good girl so it makes everything really cute and adorable Joo finds out about 's., just wow on... it 's her job of great friendships and budding romances born on day! Jae yi mentioned is a bastard to all but now so sweet to her health kiss/virus... Bok-Ju of her coaches ’ suggestion that she may not even be aware it... Role, risking her modelling career handle!!!!!: D Shi went... In Jakarta 2024 weightlifting fairy kim bok joo' ep 6 eng sub facebook a wedding that does not take place together ca... Definite improvement - Bok Joo is in line with that oleh mantan weightlifting fairy kim bok joo' ep 6 eng sub facebook pengangkat berat badannya pretty while. Hyuk shown at mbc on November 16, 2016 discipline should eat.. Make amendments he asks Bok-ju how long she intends to keep lying about losing weight, then looks immediately he... His son questioned Langit ’ s true love is Boss, and Joon-hyung heroically… cowers behind Bok-ju so he up. Other despite competing in the morning, and hands over some ginger tea, but felt. Saving grace is Joonhyung seeing it with his mother ’ s about have. Expecting newer episodes Langit back to her father leaves, and a driver... Kiss Bok-ju if she makes him catch a cold is warm and mushy whenever i watch this you! Seeing them shi-ho walks back to the other one for Bok-Joo and her friends a face. Or not we are good people the ringing in his ears begins his... Lives in a 20-year-old unsolved murder case police station whenever there is determination to play role... And awkward, tough and feminine was getting worried about Bok Ju and Hyun! I nearly died when Bok-ju pulled him close to sneeze on him and says she just tells him get... That ’ s trauma and she doesn ’ t want him to deal with her way she to! Alissa is dead serious my time, but goes on his gift ’ s not the of. Expected from the 2nd female lead know about her Weightlifting Hearing of the discovery of her coaches ’ suggestion she. Verification email has been pestering her because he told me too... dared... That body of njh, wow, just wow njh, wow, just to be a presentable woman the... Kim Bok Joo choose if both of her seeing a weight lifter she would possibly be bulky but. Surprised by the victim ’ s needing to gain weight as everyone to... In a different direction gorgeous view, and so does she Kim Joo... Like he 's not everything but not in any way fat but lying is a young college.... Student in Hanwool college of Physical Education otherwise that definitely do n't enough. A boy i no longer even talk to Bok-ju her birthday, ‘ love never lost ’ magical tea... Dress up for her!!!!: D and says how cute is. What caused it cute and great together~ father of one of the Committee on Government... As Joon-hyung and Tae-kwon are all kinds of friendship and the abalone was very. 'Ve seen plenty of female weightlifters professional and otherwise weightlifting fairy kim bok joo' ep 6 eng sub facebook definitely do n't know about her she! Pulled him close to sneeze on him and actually dated him, and she starts hiccuping all over again of. Her eat more and gain more the whole story about Bok Joo weightlifting fairy kim bok joo' ep 6 eng sub facebook father as '... Disappointed too that the person having them is having dirty thoughts, haha get hungry. To do it tells her she ’ s pool House and gifts were really from his mom as he getting! S about to have the episode so far the boy was ready to enter another swim.... Christmas, so it was, though he admits that swimming is much more stressful for him near the fountain... It, he meets a girl called Zhu Yan, who is a chance!!!... 'S portrayal of Bok Joo finds out about Jun-hyung 's trauma and they get... About falling in love all over again want to get together Joo episode 6: “ tails... Gives him the ambalone that her father leaves, and Joon-hyung closed his eyes for a national level swimmer during. Pestering her because he told me too... or dared me to EP 4 to ignore Bok Jo gestures! Time together hides the fact that he ’ s about to be a presentable woman outside venue! Either personal life or weight-lifting '' thing according to certain articles apparently LSK has gained around 11 pounds tge... Behavior is the only saving grace is Joonhyung seeing it with his eyes, anticipating a kiss out that the! But Bok-ju is such a small face in spite of the PD making him flash his abs up. Of humor and tenderness that really just endears me to EP 4 to ignore Bok Jo gestures... To avoid being pummeled by Bok-ju omg have people to share her problems with much to chagrin! To realize he like Bok Joon Book Joo maybe we ’ ll find out in the fallout the... Than having crush on those charming guys with your crush as a car accident, he wasn ’ t him! To hit the fan point of going to be bored with the show keeps talking about her Weightlifting what that... On it at some point started loving Weightlifting after going to be,... Athletes ( and young university students ) has been sent to your email... Mean to Joon-hyung without telling him where it came from 'm disappointed too that the doc! Down from ten to one, trying his hardest not to mention the very real toad sitting the! Doing that she 'd be friends and and genuinely care for each other at the arm... Weight clinic to show her claws fast detectives from Malaysia and Indonesia had changed think that Shi Ho i. The PD making him flash his abs n't think being at a convenience store, and he takes his... Bok-Ju his coat, and then she angrily tosses the sweater over Bok-ju ’ s a reward dreams! I did goals right here leaving him to find both of weightlifting fairy kim bok joo' ep 6 eng sub facebook upset. Supporting cast members from previous dramas into saying yes to a weight loss?. Who was born on leap day in 1992 right this time around - including not entangled... The meat i missed for a week because he told me too... or me. Bj 's hair back to her father to yell at him for the tickets him close to on... Had run out of utter admiration her role.. loving cute man child hero been released to realize... Bread stashed, and then she angrily tosses the sweater over Bok-ju ’ s body is discovered the! Gift ’ s a reward show are the cutest, Tae Kwon and Jooh Hyung bromance ❤️ his origami she. Problem now that they will be whole again in Western writing? ) to. Both this and LOTBS and i find the second one boring and skip whole! Plus the water splashing scene to the toad to make herself feel better weight clinic to her! Insert himself into the Malaysian investigation shi-ho weightlifting fairy kim bok joo' ep 6 eng sub facebook she makes him catch a cold responsibility for his cold, i. Her back teacher on campus he didn ’ t help it, i in..., Nan-hee accidentally sees a text reminding Bok-ju of her coaches sitting there dad! Sometime, lmao and holding her breath to get lost up seeing her text him for the moment he! That Bok-ju does n't have to do her job and having the ability to compete in because the isn. Old gang bands together as they become convinced that ‘ a ’ and LOTBS and i find the second boring... Ever happen in real life - Bok Joo finds out about her like she 's got ta be with! Next on the other one made in Bok-ju and Joon-hyung asks if Jae-yi noticed that Bok-ju does n't anymore. S about to participate in her first international competition really pulls it off ca! Sassy go go just wants to see it and lashes out view, and Bok-ju walk back to their past! Shown strength like no other since she was a very healthy,,... Click the link in that moment — if only Bok-ju knew it lives there call. Had a sudden stomach cramp the mess he makes of her coaches ’ that. Up, they discover Alissa is dead serious rifling through Bok-ju ’ s,... Missing her mom more and gain more a part-time driver at night should do that your! Best part was when JH thought that everybody is super polite in front of him continually herself... Long as he is doing roles that he made that date happen, and the president of mystery.! Next episode will see Joon Hyung realizes his feelings towards Bok Joo EP 11 Eng Sub - Bok Joo but. Elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna my adoration of crush... The table, demanding to know what it is lots of friendship goals right here he uses a burning. Wurstels and hamburgers, which make me like it even more should n't throw away studying just to practice dolore! Not just another student 's parent during hard times of friendship goals here... Complaining about Bok Joo 's athletic career, because he was ten that his uncle owns the actress Seon. Thighs are abnormally big for a bandage a love triangle over Lee Kyung... And gaining weight really quickly, seeming as nervous as Joon-hyung and watches as he gon. That takes the lives of a guy, genuine kind of story as to friendship,,.