Tying the Fringe. The first thing we did was lay it out on a clean table, layering the 2 pieces, one on top of the other, as perfectly lined up as possible. Step 3. Find two very soft pieces of fabric in the color of the baby's nursery then follow these easy instructions to learn how to stitch them together like a pro. Nov 24, 2013 - Double-sided flannel blanket with crochet edging Place the pins every few inches all the way around the blanket. This project uses a shell stitch to create a diamond pattern throughout the entire blanket. Make life a little simpler this winter with a handy log lugger. Determine the size of your double-sided fleece blanket. Just a few basic stitches are all that is needed to make this versatile accessory. Create Pattern. The knots on the double blankets often come untied; this fringe stays put much more easily. About 3 to 4 tacks spaced out is enough. 1.5 yard flannel for blanket back/border (make sure to pre-wash) 1.25 yard flannel for blanket top (make sure to pre-wash) ruler – I use a mat and ruler set similar to this one and couldn’t live without it! Thank you for your support! Naturally, my favorite blanket is the most difficult to sew. Make sure everything is smooth and that the template is square to the fabric so the pattern isn’t crooked. The smaller square (the top) should measure 31″ x 31″. Flannel is such a great fabric to work with since it’s easy to find, it’s an easy beginner fabric, and it’s really warm in the winter! And by “difficult” I mean that it has the most steps. Micro chamois – a very lightweight and soft fleece used to make baby blankets, diaper liners and undergarments. Use a sewing machine to sew around the entire blanket 1/2" from the edge. I also cut mine into a large square but you can leave it rectangle if you prefer. This classic tulle tutu is a perfect project for beginner crafters because very little sewing is involved and it is super easy to make. Every little princess deserves a pretty tutu. Like a tummy time blanket. Pick out a Blanket Crochet Pattern for Beginners. The kids and I were recently brainstorming for ideas, to put together a very special package for a certain little boy.  It was very special circumstances, that called us to put something together very special, just for him. It’s really quite easy, and well worth the effort!   Maybe this is a home-made gift idea you can use sometime, for Christmas gifts, or birthdays. Sew a 1/2" to 1" border (or whatever you like). We love to DIY. Turn the blanket right-side out through the 4-inch hole and then hand-stitch the hole closed using an invisible stitch. Now, I think I may need another trip to the fabric store. How to Make a Double-Sided Fleece Blanket Step 1. When I make a double layer fleece blanket I reverse the stretch. This is a great option to create a fast blanket with just a single bound layer, as we did with our Teen Pretty Pack Sleepover Blanket. Material: 4 yards of flannel (The fabric I chose was 45 ” wide) 2 yards of fusible interfacing (I used Pellon heavy duty interfacing that was 45 ” wide) coordinating thread . Then you can tie a knot in your yarn end to secure it before weaving it in. Remove selvage, creating a straight line along the sides of fleece. The selection within double-sided prints is not quite as varied with mostly solids and just a few prints. Cut 2 squares of flannel. There are so many patterns of fleece that it's not difficult to find colors and designs that match every occasion and every room. Then we chose a side to start on, and laid a heavy board several inches away from, but along that edge, to keep the fabric from moving too much. Never at any additional cost to you, we may earn a small commission for our endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products from our website. The Double Sided Baby Shell Blanket Free Crochet Pattern is a crochet afghan that’s two-sided. To attach the top piece of fleece to the bottom piece of fleece, tie the fringe … But first, place the right sides of the fleece pieces together. Download this free pattern, curl up on the couch with your loved ones and spend some relaxing time stitching this sweet sentiment. (Wish I had ironed the two pieces after sewing them together as it would have been easier.) Flannel fabric, of course. This would create 5 inch long fringes, minus what is taken up when we knot them. Browse a full list of topics found on the site, from accessories to mudrooms to wreaths. Pretty much every beginning sewist should be able to pull this off (believe in yourself!!! I wanted to share with you all this idea our oldest, {A}, came up with:  Making a no-sew, double-sided fleece blanket for him. © 2021 Discovery or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Ends should be nice and straight. Clip the corners diagonally to neaten everything up. Carry your tablet or laptop in style with a custom-made caddy. Then we measured in from each corner 4 inches,  and cut 1, We hope our home made blanket warms his heart, as much as it warms. Double-sided. We were prepping to cut fringes through both layers.   So using a snapline chalk, we measured up 5 inches from the edge, and snapped a chalk line across from one end to the other, to indicate where to stop cutting, so the fringes would all be the same length. I also bought 2 packs of crib size batting. Ariel walks through how to make a baby blanket (they make great gifts). .. Monkey See Monkey DIY: make your own no sew, double sided, fleece tie. Backstitch on the machine when you start and stop. :-) *stopping by from tatertots&jello* www.artisticexpressionsbyelisabeth.blogspot.com. The larger square will be the back of the blanket and the mitered border. Make a few stitches in the same place. I pulled the right side of the blanket out and sewed up the last half. Two coordinating pieces of fabric are married together to make one irresistibly snuggly blanket. This easy-to-make project incorporates a couple layers of heavy-duty outdoor fabric and a couple of wood dowels for the handles. For a baby blanket you will need 1 yard of each fabric (so, 2 total yards). All rights reserved. A double-sided fleece blanket can be made for and appreciated by almost anyone, a baby, child, teen, adult or elderly person. Make sure everything is smooth and that the template is square to the fabric so … I cut my blanket 30″x30″ and use the 12″ left to make … You cannot breathe through it hence why it blocks the cold air so well. If you don't have a … Download our pattern to make this cute pillow pal. 1. Buy products related to no sew fleece blanket products and see what. Cut the fabric around the pattern.