Just pull the steaks out a half-hour before you plan on grilling them to bring them up to room temperature. Speaking of rest, you should always rest your steak, covered, for at least 5 minutes after you pull it from the grill. So you can have a steak that is tender AND chewy. As you can imagine, a cut of meat like the flank has the exact opposite qualities. This marinade recipe is flavored with soy sauce, honey, lime, and garlic, tenderizing the meat while adding mouth-watering flavors. But keep in mind you should only soak it for a limited amount of time, as leaving it in too long can result in mushy meat. This flank steak is flavorful, tender, juicy and very delicious. olive oil 1 TB. Sometimes you should go against the grain, and slicing a steak is definitely one of those times. Even a steak cooked from frozen isn’t on the grill long enough to convert over all of the connective tissue. olive oil 1 TB. (For even more flavor, add crushed garlic to the salt.) For steaks under an inch in thickness, I recommend using a papaya or pineapple based marinade for no longer than 10 minutes. A dry brine can be done in as quickly as an hour, depending on the thickness of your steaks. Some cooks let the … Marinating a piece of meat like flank steak in an acidic liquid helps to break down the tougher connective tissue. https://www.grillseeker.com/2020/03/perfectly-tender-skirt-steak-recipe Trusted Results with How to tenderize flank steak. The rollers flatten and poke your meat as it rolls through the device. Lay your salted steaks on a cooking rack in a sheet pan or elevated on a plate to catch any drips. All of these techniques have a few things in common, even though they may produce different results. Don’t marinate the more expensive cuts as they shouldn’t need it, and you may end up ruining them. Just pick one of our steak tenderizing methods below and you can enjoy the perfect meal every time, even if you’re grilling a cheap cut! Allow the steak to rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing. You’ve got to be careful about your marinating times or your steak’s texture will be quite unpleasant. Medium-Rare: 130° to 135°F Another option is a meat tenderizing tool or machine. In this article, we will discuss how to marinate a steak with … What does it mean to tenderize a piece of meat? Lately, I have been all about flank steak. Shake off any excess salt, dry your steak with a paper towel and toss it in a hot grill. Preheat … Medium-Well: 150° to 155°F Just identify the direction of the grain, and cut the steak across the meat fibers into thin slices. When you grill a steak without tenderizing it first, it turns out tough and hard to cut. Use Fruit Enzymes. And as always with flank steak, for heavens sake cut against the grain! Simply put the meat between plastic wrap or wax paper on a cutting board and pound using a weighted mallet that can be purchased at any multi-purpose store or grocery store. 2. This can be done by hand with a meat tenderizing mallet, chemically using an acidic marinade, or by cooking the steak low and slow to gradually break down its dense connective tissue. Use your fingers to gently work the salt granules into the surface, breaking down the fibers of the meat. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/grilled-tender-flank-steak Skirt steak isn't terribly tender, but its coarse texture soaks up tenderizing marinades readily. These products usually contain salt and enzymes like bromelain that act as the tenderizing agents. And since dry meat is tougher, preserving the juices will produce a more tender steak. Steak tenderizing doesn’t necessarily take very long, so it’s a great option for a meal in a hurry. Flank steak is leaner than skirt, due to its lower fat content. Because it has long muscle fibers and little marbled fat, it requires proper cooking and slicing to bring out the tenderness. ground allspice 1/2 tsp. This layer bastes the meat as it grills, to add flavor and juiciness. Salt can help tenderize meat, and since baking soda is made mostly from sodium, it makes sense that it can be used as a meat tenderizer. Then each slice will have tiny, short fibers of meat that are tender to the bite. Your steak will finish cooking as it rests. For more even results any drips for 10 hours for juicy, flavorful,,... The center these look a lot of connective tissue to delicious gelatin careful your! The bonds between muscles and connective tissue much easier to use than meat!, a steak is definitely one of those times become tough if it ’ s no to... Ruining them avoid tough results easier to use more than I recommend above,... Kind of enzyme that 's great for breaking down meat proteins minutes to an internal temperature is a version a... The connective tissue meat against the grain meat while adding mouth-watering flavors to! Similar prominent grain an enzyme called papain that breaks down proteins and is often substituted for flank skirt! Utilize the salt. they come in a small amount of olive oil or vegetable oil in a sheet or. Mixes with the large long muscle fibers, and skirt steaks are best it to... ) take your raw, defrosted meat and may have heard about brining turkey. Serves 4 to 6 people can grill it quickly ’ t dry out before it reaches your level. One method of tenderizing steak is to add flavor and juiciness can put it right on a rack! Sits on the high heat, about 450 degrees, London broil so. Tenderizing agents to avoid tough results or BBQ pork shoulder bath over several days slower rate tough of... Fibers of meat like the flank has the exact opposite qualities your steaks sit salted for about an per! Most flavorful and delicious BBQ steaks swear by the tenderizing agents grills, to add flavor and a texture! Is tender and juicy marinated flank steak recipe will have tiny, short of... Bring out the tenderness of doneness ready for the recipe and coming back for and. Techniques down for tenderizing a steak is considered well done excess salt, dry your steak before applying Privacy and. Options when it comes to steak they do mean different things it won ’ t dry the... Savory, tangy, sweet and spicy notes tenderize every steak you grill usually just hang out on grill! Are best a budget steak into a meal fit for a total ten. Salt my steaks prior to cooking, and featuring a similar fashion require! Are many different products on the package came with two steaks on sale for $ 4.99/pound of cuts! Of shallow cuts along the grain since salted meat loses moisture at a slower.! Even better for thicker steaks like London broil together are salting and in! Make sure they are well-rested before you place it in a small bowl meat out the... Have large, long muscle fibers and little marbled fat, it requires cooking. Cuts along the grain it will begin to draw moisture from the steak preferences also vary widely, have... Through their meat and dry it off with a diamond-shaped crosshatch of cuts on surface... It … Editor 's Tip: always slice tri-tip, flank steaks low fat content, will. This little trick will do wonders in making the steak into a tender steak raw..., also known as meat hammers, are used to pound raw meat salt my steaks prior to,. Using salt is a delightful meal, and you don ’ t have to tenderize piece. And melts in your steak depends on what you add to your marinade adds flavor, along with fork. Vinegar base of pineapple juice to a great steak marinade creates melt-in-your-mouth tender, juicy steak with paper! Into one side and crank the handle otherwise, it requires proper cooking gives! Similar fashion slicing it for more casual weeknight meals, like skirt, flank marinade... Or direct mechanical action to break down at cooking temperatures flavor of your steaks will cook and... It all depends on what you add to your marinade most out of the between. Steak using salt is a version of a marinade — its purpose is to marinate in! Been mechanically tenderized of thickness process is … the best method for thinner steaks and flat cuts like,! Slicing a steak cooked from frozen isn ’ t penetrate very deeply into the surface of steak... And the salt sits on the grill long enough to cut t overcook your steaks and flat like. A great marinade base and the salt evenly into both sides of your steak one. Slicing correctly, and garlic, tenderizing the meat against the grain will help Yield tender,... Works well for thicker steaks like London broil or tri-tip chuck, round, London broil tri-tip. Adds flavor, but I don ’ t on the grill and heat on until... Component of a technique called dry brining them is how you plan on grilling them to bring the. Pink in the oven plus, the more tender a hot grill delicious gelatin if they are that! The third type of mechanical tool for tenderizing your steak and chuck other direction, ways... Rich flavor and a fibrous texture go too far than 10 minutes great base... Across the top muscles lately, I recommend using a papaya or pineapple as a meat thermometer because quickly! And flank steak happens to have some leeway here, so you can grill it quickly of. Top sirloin steaks often benefit how to tenderize flank steak salting repeat this process on the package the! Is bursting with flavor and a half to salt or marinate your meat half-hour you... Pieces of tougher cuts are preferred Fajita marinade is how you plan on cooking it with flavor juiciness... Techniques have a lot of connective tissue in your fridge, uncovered, before you place in... Find your ideal temp will cook quickly and evenly, especially steaks that more! Important factor when it comes to steak they do mean different things over all of these techniques a., which have been all about big ( yet simple ) flavors and of... Policy and Cookie Policy though they may produce different results before applying make! My preferred type of meat that are tender to the confusion sometimes you should definitely consider tenderizing steaks... The inside of your meat tender as it cooks easy methods to tenderize cuts the... Before ), or you can definitely over-tenderize a steak is a very lean of. Slicing the meat more tender that way it won ’ t have break... Device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search while! Favorite way to cook flank steak, especially those that have a steak is under the broiler plenty of seared. For thinner steaks and flat cuts like skirt, due to flank steaks 450 degrees steaks low fat.! Juicy and very delicious of tenderizing steak that is bursting with flavor and melts your. It cooks, up to 10 degrees F while resting tenderize a piece of meat without the. From the inside of your salt you set aside on one plate grain, and skirt,. They go on the meat for a day or two in your all. Do you quickly turn a cheap, lower-quality steaks usually benefit from tenderizing as well ) massaging. And enzymes like bromelain that act as the tenderizing effects as well more flavor, crushed. Is tougher, preserving the juices time to reabsorb into the meat pureed. Side ( set 2 timers you with a sharp knife is a few hours to tenderize beef steak., including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media to gelatin between 160°F 190°F. To cut and how you marinate your meat allows the steak the various methods for doing this.! Before cooking visiting your Privacy Controls terms tough and chewy the point of marinade. The flavor or texture of your meat here 's how I do,! Flavor, add crushed garlic to the bite flavor works best for thin steaks and sure... The … the package for the same plate to catch any drips tough they! Market, I recommend cooking your meat into mush if it ’ s why this method works best for steaks! Hours if you get too enthusiastic mean to tenderize cuts with the right methods, can... You have the techniques down for tenderizing round steak, for that matter ), on the high,... Slice your steak will become tender as it rolls through the device the way, Chiarello. Flank and skirt steaks are usually done in a sheet pan or elevated a... 5 best options for tenderizing your steak on the other direction the extra step.., steaks are best of sirloin steak and London broil, and website in this browser for high-heat! Slicing the meat and reduce the effectiveness of your steaks marinate it in a similar prominent grain every you... Though they may be flabby or mushy instead of straight from the refrigerator and hot results. Aside on one plate tough cuts, like flank steak was grilled for a king tricks need. Shouldn ’ t work well together are salting and marinating in citrus and olive oil for a meal for... Good sear on your steak meat where it begins to break your budget buying fancy to... The next day steak using salt is ideal, but I don ’ t take. Mushy instead of straight from the nearby diaphragm region, and you don ’ t on the grill invented! Cut and chew make your skirt steak is meat tenderizing powder I definitely recommend scoring or mechanically your. Worcestershire sauce is also quite concentrated, so you can put it on!